Enjoy them while they are last because the unique craft beer made at 2 Feet Brewing will forever be a rotating selection. Those that people ask for will return.
Details: Saison

Alc. 7.3%

This is our staple beer and should be on tap year-round.

Barn Burner - Jalapeno & Ghost Pepper Saison

This saison is made with roasted jalepinos and ghost peppers and is cool to the lips but warms you up on the inside.

COMING SOON: Banana Bread, a Weizenbock that smells and tastes like freshly baked banbna bread, but does not actually have any  banana in it ].
Details: Gosa

Alc. 4.3% 

Margarita Gose - Gosa made with lime

A Gose ― pronounced "goes-uh” ― is an ancient German wheat beer that is made with coriander and salt and has a slightly tart finish.  Cory added lime to ours. It's totally refreshing.

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